Filtration system 3M (Sawyer-Platypus)

3M ¿kesako?
Ne serait-ce pas pour dire Mon Myog Maison !

I just bought and received the SP129 the day I received the mail for Pre-ordering, advertising the new and light « Mini SP128« . You can imagine how tough is my throat now.

Nevertheless, I MYOGed an accessory to my big SP129 in order to replace the cleaning syringe I consider personaly as a piece of shit.

It costs nothing, it is multiuse (backwash, straw, platypus or bottle connector …)

Furthermore, I replaced the original Popup cap (which is leaky) by a regular popup cap from a detergent dishwahing bootle por exemple, much more safe and watertight.

And that gives a result as this …

Sawyer Filter Parts 1 before fitting

Sawyer Filter Parts 4 fitting with popup sport cap

3M – read Myog Much More … (all what you want)

useful too for backwashing


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